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Fewer Parts.

Lighter Weight.

By keeping parts to a minimum, weight goes down and reliability goes up.

Durable Steel.

Stronger Frames.

Our Hi-Tensile steel frames won’t warp with constant riding on even the roughest roads.

Thin Tires.

Less Rolling Resistance.

700 x 28mm Compass tires keep you rolling with the slightest of effort.

Our Gravel Bike

Thicker Tires.

Less Limitations.

Butter bikes Toronto Based Gravel Bike

With 700 x 38c grippy gravel tires, all Toronto trails, roads (and potholes) are fair game.

Aluminum Frame, Carbon Forks.

Stronger Structure, Lighter Weight.

Butter bikes Toronto Based Gravel Bike

Our tough aluminum frames and lightweight carbon forks keep weight low while taking any punishment you can throw at them.

Simple Drivetrain.

Fewer Problems.

butter bikes gravel gear setup

Our simple 1 x 11 drive setup gets rid of the finicky front derailleur while still providing plenty of gear range.

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